About Monica Levin

Monica Levin is an author and speaker who has discovered that consistent application of scientifically proven body language skills and intuition positively impacts confidence, communication, relationships, productivity, and happiness.

Monica was awarded a civil engineering degree from the University of Waterloo before going to Brock University to train as a teacher. She started as a high school math and physics teacher and went on to study and build a career in the fields of nutrition, spiritual counseling, website design, and technical sales before certifying as a body language trainer.

Read more about Monica on www.MonicaLevin.com.

Speaker & Workshop Leader

Monica Levin is passionate about helping people be the best that they can be. She loves teaching interpersonal communication skills with a focus on nonverbal communication, body language, and intuition.

Monica’s dynamic speaking events and workshops include examples from her life experiences:

  Sales: Technical Sales Representative

  Service: Bank Teller, Retail Sales Representative

  Leadership: Entrepreneur, Civil Engineer, High School Math & Physics Teacher, Curriculum Developer

  Relationships: Daughter, Sister, Spouse, Divorcee, Single Mother, Aunt

  Intuition: Spiritual Counselor, Meditation Leader

  Health: Holistic Nutritionist, Author