Wisdom Wednesday 2020-04-22

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Wisdom Wednesday 2020-04-22

This is a recording of a Facebook Live event, WISDOM WEDNESDAY with Intuition Trainer & Author Monica Levin, that began at 12:12 pm EST. Monica started with a short meditation and then used intuition tools to give selected participants intuitive readings.

Date: April 22, 2020

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This Week’s Resources

Thought Transformation

During this live event, Monica talked about how to transform your beliefs. You can try it too! “Infinite Becoming, locate and remove all the blocks or impediments to the statement _____________ from my body, unconscious mind, and energy field, in this lifetime and all lifetimes in all directions of time and space. And so it is. Thank you, Infinite Becoming.”

Food Combining

When eating animal protein, do not eat carbohydrates.

  • (e.g. combining steak and salad is okay)
  • (e.g. combining chicken with rice is NOT okay)
  • (e.g. combining rice with stir-fried vegetables is okay)

Intuition Training

For information on Monica’s Intuition Training, visit www.MonicaLevin.com or call (248) 656-2505 to schedule your appointment.

You can also improve your intuition skills by following the instructions in Monica’s book The Body-Soul Bridge.

Intuition Training with Monica Levin

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The music in this video was composed by artist Allyna Harris.