The Nonverbal Science of Drumming

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The Nonverbal Science of Drumming

Today I want to talk to you about the science of drumming – another form of nonverbal communication.

Humans are tribal creatures, we crave being part of a community. Unfortunately, we can feel isolated even when we’re surrounded by people! Cultures around the globe have used drumming, singing, and dancing to raise their spirits, energize their bodies, experience their communal bonds, and celebrate the pure joy of being alive. Life becomes more of a challenge when we don’t have any of these activities.

Let’s Look to the Science of Drumming

Research shows that group drumming has a positive effect on the immune system, reduces cortisol production, and can combat stress.

Innovative companies are bringing in drumming facilitators because it helps their teams communicate better. Members of the teams become more in sync. Drumming shows that the team is more effective than the sum of the individuals. For example, I am not a great drummer but when a whole group of us drum, the result is fantastic!

Group Drumming

If you feel like participating in group drumming, check out our events page or look for a drum circle near you.

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