Nonverbal Messages from Your Body

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Nonverbal Messages from Your Body

This week I vary from my usual body language tip. Instead I talk about the nonverbal messages that your body gives you every moment of every day!

In 1987 I picked up my first “new age” book – “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay. Have you heard of her already? She was part of the thought movement and talks about how our thoughts form our bodies (affect our bodies) and that our bodies talk to us. Here is an example:

My pinky toe was aching.

“I wonder if I hurt it while dancing?” I thought.

Over the next few weeks I kept bumping my pinky toe, until one day I bumped it so badly that it broke.
I finally took the time to figure out what the pinky toe symbolized by reading Louise Hay’s book: worrying about the details of life. It was so true!

To heal my toe quickly, I repeated this mantra over and over again: “The details of life take care of themselves.”
To this day, if I feel a tingle in my pinky toe I know that I’m worrying. I now have the solution: “The details of life take care of themselves.”

What is your body saying to you? If your legs are bothering you, maybe you’re having difficulty stepping forward in life. If you back is bothering you, maybe you’re not feeling supported in life.

Wishing you health and happiness, Monica

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