What color should I wear when I’m presenting?

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What color should I wear when I’m presenting?

Certified Body Language Trainer Monica Levin answers this question in this week’s Two-Minute Tuesday Video.

“What color should I wear when I’m presenting?”

We want to be intentional about the clothing we wear. Everyone has their own style and it’s good to remember that colors have meaning and can serve different purposes.

If I am the presenter at the front of a room, and there aren’t any visual distractions, I will wear a navy or black suit jacket. When it’s summertime, I try to wear jackets that have shorter sleeves so that my hands aren’t hidden by the sleeves.

Recently, I was a featured author at an author fair which took place in a furniture store. In this situation, I didn’t want to blend in with the background so I wore a bright red jacket. I certainly didn’t blend in!

red jacket gets attention when you have a busy background

What is your intention? Do you want to be noticed or are you already the center of attention?

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