Baseline for Lie Detection

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Baseline for Lie Detection

Today we’re going to do a bit more on lie detection. Actually, I’m going to prepare you for lie detecting.

The first step of lie detecting is to baseline the person. In other words, you need to observe what the person looks like when they’re telling the truth.

Baseline for Lie Detection Homework

When you speak with people this week, I want you to observe what they look like. What are their mannerisms when they are telling the truth? Do they stand broadly, with their body open? Do they cross their arms when they talk? Do they jiggle their feet when they talk? What are their facial expressions? Do they tilt their head? Do they use hand gestures? Make a mental note of what different people look like when they’re telling the truth.

Once you’ve baselined someone, you can look for baseline changes. These baseline changes can be red flags of lie detection.

Now what?

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