Category: Rapport Building

The Perfect Handshake

When someone interacts with you in a positive way, your brain usually produces Oxytocin. Oxytocin is a chemical that is produced in the brain and connects us to others. It reduces stress, makes us more empathetic, and improves our immune systems. In general, we cannot create our own Oxytocin; we depend on interactions with others […]

How to Become More Memorable

What makes someone remember you? Fortunately, it’s not how intelligent, witty, funny, or naturally charismatic you are, because there would be a lot of pressure on you to perform. It’s how you make them feel when you talk to them! You can influence them to feel good about interacting with you through nonverbal communication and […]

Happiness and Steps for Living a Happy Life

Scientists once thought happiness was almost completely hereditary (innate) but they’ve discovered that it’s not! We can have control over our own emotional well-being. Happiness is Learned You can increase your level of happiness; happiness is under your control! Shawn Anchor outlines nine steps for living a happy life in The Happiness Advantage. I don’t […]

Oxytocin with Dr. Paul Zak

Oxytocin is the chemical that connects us to others; it is the chemical of love. Humans are social creatures and we need to connect! Dr. Paul Zak Talks About Oxytocin, the Chemical of Love Vanessa Van Edwards, from The Science of People, interviewed Dr. Paul Zak. It’s worth watching! When someone interacts with you in a […]