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Nonverbal Science

We help people build confidence and improve relationships using scientifically-proven nonverbal communication skills and meaningful appreciation.

Certified Body Language Trainer Appreciation at Work Facilitator

Monica Levin Certified Body Language TrainerSpeaker & Workshop Leader

Monica Levin is a:

  Certified Body Language Trainer.

 Certified Appreciation at Work Facilitator.

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Monica’s dynamic speaking events and workshops include examples from her life experiences:

  Sales: Technical Sales Representative

  Service: Bank Teller, Retail Sales Representative

  Leadership: Entrepreneur, Civil Engineer, High School Math & Physics Teacher, Curriculum Developer

  Relationships: Daughter, Sister, Spouse, Divorcee, Single Mother, Aunt

  Intuition: Spiritual Counselor, Meditation Leader

  Health: Holistic Nutritionist, Author

About The Science of People

Monica was certified by the Science of People, a human behavior research lab in Portland, Oregon.

“Monica is captivating. Her enormous presence lights up every room and her authentic spirit comes through in her work and conversations. She is easy to talk to and even easier to call friend. Her interests and gifts span the physical and natural worlds, and I’m honored to have such a well-rounded woman on the Science of People training team.” Vanessa Van Edwards


Monica Levin (Certified Body Language Trainer) is pictured here with Danielle Baker (Certified Body Language Trainer) on the left, and Vanessa Van Edwards (Science of People CEO) in the center.

Additional Qualifications

University of Waterloo, Civil Engineering Brock University, High School Math and Physics Teacher Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, Registered Holistic NutritionistAngel Guides | Spiritual Coach | Inner Guidance Communication

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