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Uncover Your Secret Superpower

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Uncover Your Secret Superpower

Simple body language strategies to build confidence and trust in all relationships.

45 pages

Deepen Your Relationships

You have the power to build confidence and trust in all of your relationships without saying a word! In a world so focused on the words we say, most people are missing out on how we say those words—the nonverbal behind the verbal. You can harness the power of nonverbal communication to revolutionize the way you present yourself, to change the way you approach interviews and events, to deepen your relationships, and to become the best version of yourself.
Did you know that researchers found that when you communicate with someone, only 40% of what you are conveying comes from your words? The other 60% is nonverbal (body language, voice tone, and ornaments). These are conservative numbers; some researchers say that as much as 93% of your communication is nonverbal!

Match Your Words and Body Language

In order to be authentic, genuine, credible, and even charismatic, your words and body language must match. Monica Levin’s one-on-one coaching services, seminars, workshops, and this book teach scientifically proven nonverbal communication skills. You can:
  • make a killer first impression
  • improve your presence
  • be more charismatic
  • be more perceptive of other’s emotions
  • feel more comfortable in the dating world
  • confidently pitch ideas
  • master your presentation skills
  • become a better negotiator
  • improve your phone skills

The Results Speak for Themselves

Consistent application of scientifically proven body language skills has been shown to positively impact:
  • confidence
  • health
  • creativity
  • relationships
  • communication
  • happiness

Let’s Begin!

Monica Levin’s one-on-one coaching services, seminars, workshops, and this book contain information so that you can:
  • feel confident
  • build trust and rapport
  • send nonverbal signals of attention and respect
  • know how someone is feeling so that you can respond to their needs and make them feel comfortable
  • be more effective on video chat and the phone


Throughout the book, it is important to consider context and to always consider the environment. For example, if someone has closed body language, does it mean that they are closed-minded and rigid? Or does it mean that they feel cold or are favoring a sore shoulder?

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