Nonverbal Science: Testimonials & Reviews

Monica gave our CEO Group a presentation on body language, and all of our members are now more confident and more assured in the effectiveness of their communication. She taught us how important nonverbal communication is and delivered lots of takeaways we could implement right away. This fascinating topic was delivered by Monica very professionally and energetically and I could see that she is an outstanding practitioner of her topic.

Tom Cramer, Brain Trust CEO Group

Body Language Speaker and Presenter

“I had the pleasure of attending a webinar presentation Monica gave to members of the Engineering Human Resources Association on the Science of Nonverbal Communication. Her session was very informative, and not only did she provide us with tips on how to read body language, something which is of great value to HR professionals, she also pointed out various things that I am sure we all do subconsciously that send negative signals to people we are communicating with. I look forward to signing up for Monica’s webinar series to learn more behind the Science of Nonverbal communication and I am sure she will bring value to any organization, group or individual she speaks with.”

Chris Marino, Human Resources Manager
Tetra Tech, Ontario

Keynote Speaker Testimonial

Monica is a great speaker; she’s fun and engaging. I learned a lot in a very warm setting.

Mirela Starostka

Keynote Speaker Testimonial

Awesome information! I plan on using my new skills to improve my interactions with people.

Sally Risser

Keynote Speaker Testimonial

Monica is excellent, engaging, and knowledgeable. It was a confidence-building seminar.

Julie Kelsea

Keynote Speaker Testimonial

Your seminar was interesting and relevant for work and social situations.

David Reagan


“I invited Monica Levin to share her expertise on Body Language with my ‘Principles of Management’ students. We had most recently discussed the importance of all types of communication, in addition to how to conduct an effective job interview from both the job candidate’s and hiring manager’s perspective.

Monica’s presentation was both relevant and informative. She tailored it to beautifully reinforce the key concepts from the course and engage her audience. We are all a bit more enlightened now, and we’re eager to go out and practice using our new super powers in the world.”

Evelyn Chan, Professor, Business Faculty
Oakland Community College, Auburn Hills Michigan



“Very interesting and informative. Lots of info to increase effectiveness interacting with people in any capacity. Thank you very much!”
Carol Cousineau, Pontiac Rotary Club Member


Something New

Monica is a phenomenal speaker! She knows how to engage the crowd and make sure you leave her presentation learning something new.

Gail Johnson

Keynote Speaker Testimonial


Easy to Follow

Monica makes this presentation fun and easy to follow. I can use the skills when presenting myself. Thank you!

Nou Chang

Keynote Speaker Testimonial


Great Lessons

Great lesson on communication! I can apply the skills in the future.

Connor Hegerty

Keynote Speaker Testimonial


Every Aspect of Life

Monica is very influential. The skills help in every aspect of life. I was grateful to be able to view this presentation.

Grace Kirtland

Keynote Speaker Testimonial


Informative & Fun

Informative and fun. Monica captured our attention with all her demonstrations and lightheartedness.

Cindy Sallade

Keynote Speaker Testimonial


Interesting & Useful

Monica, excellent content and delivery.

Very fun, interesting, and useful.

Lezlie Cebulski

Keynote Speaker Testimonial



Monica is an extremely engaging presenter and makes the time fly by. The information is valuable for everyone!

Cathy Ferguson

Keynote Speaker Testimonial



The body language seminar was very informative. The skills are great to use at work and in social situations.

Oscar Netto

Keynote Speaker Testimonial



You did a beautiful job, very informative. Thank you!

Amber Mologianes

Keynote Speaker Testimonial


Very well done. Highly relevant and informative.

Ken Carlsen

Keynote Speaker Testimonial


I enjoyed the presentation, it was very informative and educational.

Michael Begin

Keynote Speaker Testimonial

Great Presentation

Great presentation! Very organized and easy to understand.

Joanna Walker

Keynote Speaker Testimonial


Monica is so good with people and speaking!

Martha Newcombe

Keynote Speaker Testimonial


Awesome information with a great presentation!

Aashil Mehta

Keynote Speaker Testimonial


I love learning something new and it was very fun.

Amy Shah

Keynote Speaker Testimonial

Learned a Lot

I loved the presentation and learned a lot!

Monika Surouier

Keynote Speaker Testimonial

Useful Hints

It was a very good presentation. I gained a lot of useful hints.

Rita Batto

Keynote Speaker Testimonial

Engaging & Focused

Monica was very engaging and explained things in a way that was concise and to the point!

Olivia Lesperance

Keynote Speaker Testimonial