Speaking Event: Sales

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Body Language for Sales

Build trust and improve your relationships with customers by learning scientifically proven nonverbal communication skills.

Body Language for Sales: Seminar Goal

Show how nonverbal communication can increase sales success and help professional communication between colleagues, clients and employees.

Possible Topics Covered

  • Decoding Nonverbal Cues
  • Power Body Language
  • Building Trust
  • Engagement Nonverbal
  • Body Language for Networking
  • Sales Nonverbal Science

Nonverbal Skills Learned

  • How to use nonverbal to make a great first impression
  • How to use nonverbal to improve presence
  • How body language can help build relationships
  • The nonverbal science of connection and engagement
  • How body language can help with negotiation and result in increased sales success
  • How to connect with clients, students, colleagues, family members in a new way

Body Language for Sales: Event Speaker

Book Monica Levin, Certified Body Language Trainer, to speak at your event.