Unusual Business Card Design

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Unusual Business Card Design

Today, I put on a business jacket that I haven’t worn in years and lo and behold, it had one of my old business cards in the pocket! This inspired me to talk about the nonverbal communication that’s in business cards.

How do you create an unusual business card design that inspires someone to hold onto it and then call you? I have several business cards, including these two:

A business card that boasts the front cover of my book

A business card that offers a free 15-minute consultation

However, my favorite business card is Richard Price’s. It feels silky, it’s an unusual shape (square), and Richard’s title is Chief Elation Officer!

How about you give yourself a cool title, choose an unusual business card shape, include a picture of your book, include a picture of you, or offer a free consultation? What ideas do you have?

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