Three Levels of Emotions

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Three Levels of Emotions

Psychologist Ross Buck categorized emotions:

  • Emotion III is when we feel an emotion and are aware that we are feeling it.
  • Emotion II is when we feel an emotion but we aren’t aware of it. Everyone else knows that we are feeling the emotion because it’s displayed in our body language.
  • Emotion I is a fight-flight emotion that is pervasive and not obvious. We don’t know that we’re feeling it and others cannot observe it in our body language.

Emotion II and Emotion I are the root cause of many diseases. I want you to be healthy! In this next week, I invite you to pay attention to your own body language and look for signs of emotions that you have suppressed. Many of us grew up believing that we’re not allowed to feel and express our emotions. We heard sentences like “don’t be so sensitive” and “what are you so upset about?” which forced us to suppress our emotions.

Look for signs in your body that indicate that you’re feeling an emotion. Maybe you notice that your arms cross in front of you during a conversation. Are you feeling uncomfortable, vulnerable, sad, angry, or confused? Let your body tell you when you are feeling suppressed emotions, and let me know what you discover!

Now what?

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