How to Have a Successful Meeting – Part 2

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How to Have a Successful Meeting – Part 2

This is Part Two of a two-part series about meetings. How do you have a successful meeting where I can build trust with my team members?

Last week we talked about planning, power posing ahead of time, making sure that the conference room seats are all the same height, and to be there first so that you can greet the attendees (you can greet with a handshake or sit with open body language and greet them with a smile and head nod). Watch part 1.

What do you do during the meeting?

Make sure to keep your hands visible throughout the meeting. Your hands are your trust indicators, so keep them above the table.

Keep your body unblocked – don’t block attendees’ view of you with an open computer, drinks, or books.

Take the time to make eye contact with every person during the meeting.

When someone is contributing, turn your body so that you’re facing them. This is a nonverbal signal of attention and respect.

Stick to the allotted time to gain trust and respect.

Now what?

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