How to Have a Successful Meeting – Part 1

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How to Have a Successful Meeting – Part 1

I’ve been asked about meetings. How can you make a meeting successful and build trust within a meeting? I’m breaking the answer into two parts. This week, I talk about what you can do to prepare for a meeting and next week I’ll talk about what to do while in the meeting.

Preparing for a Meeting

When are you having the meeting? If it’s an early-morning meeting, have coffee and snacks available. If it’s a lunch meeting, provide lunch.

Send an agenda ahead of time. This way, if you’re asking people to participate or present, the introverts in your group will have time to prepare.

For two to three minutes before your meeting, don a powerful pose. This will calm you down and make you feel more confident. Try the Superman-Pose!

Prepare the meeting room. Make sure that all the seats are the same height because this is a nonverbal sign of equality.

How to Have a Successful Meeting

It’s your meeting, so be the first one there. When people arrive, you can either greet them or sit and wait. If you decide to greet people, give them a handshake as they enter. If you decide to sit and wait, make sure the first impression that you’re giving is of someone who is open and available. Keep your head up, your body language open, keep your hands above the table, and avoid blocking your body with your computer or drinks. As you greet people, raise your eyebrows and smile.

Do you want more hints? Watch Part 2.

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