One-Sided Shoulder Shrug

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The One-Sided Shoulder Shrug

When people find out that I’m a Certified Body Language Trainer, they always have questions about lie detection. Lie detection is fascinating! We all want to know when someone is lying and when they’re not. This is probably because on a subconscious level we know that we lie around 200 times a day!

Extroverts lie more than introverts, because they are around people more than introverts are. I’m more of an introvert and when I spend the day alone, the only person I can lie to is me!

Lies have different forms; people lie to make themselves look better; people lie to spare other people’s feelings; and people lie to themselves.

Lie detection is very complicated but today I’m going to give you one body language cue to look for in others and to notice when your body shows the cue. It’s the one-sided shoulder shrug.

The One-Sided Shoulder Shrug

When you see a one-sided shoulder shrug, it often means that what the person is saying and what they believe is incongruent.

I challenge you to observe yourself and observe others. Look for one-sided shoulder shrugs. Does your body do it when you’re saying something that you don’t really believe? What about others?

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