Oxytocin with Dr. Paul Zak

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Oxytocin is the chemical that connects us to others; it is the chemical of love. Humans are social creatures and we need to connect!

Dr. Paul Zak Talks About Oxytocin, the Chemical of Love

Vanessa Van Edwards, from The Science of People, interviewed Dr. Paul Zak. It’s worth watching!

When someone interacts with you in a positive way, your brain usually produces Oxytocin and motivates you to treat them in a similar, positive or kind way.

This is the biological basis for the Golden Rule … if you’re nice to me, most of the time my brain makes Oxytocin which reduces my physiologic stress, makes me more empathetic, improves immune function, and makes me feel connected with you, and I want to be nice to you.

In general, we cannot create our own Oxytocin; we depend on interactions with others for Oxytocin. If we want to reduce our stress, be more empathetic, and improve our immune function, we have to initiate interactions with others and hope to connect to build Oxytocin levels.

How do you initiate conversations? The best opening line on the planet is “Hello.” Or “Hi, how are you?”

Things that Stimulate Oxytocin

Be fully present for the people around you. The next step is to be of service to others.

Physical things that we do together that build oxytocin:

  • Hugs
  • Dancing together
  • Exercising in a group together – Zumba in a group has movement and group bonding
  • Sex
  • Eye contact – mutual gazing

How to build oxytocin when you’re by yourself:

  • Read Stories
  • Watching movies
  • Listening to music

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