Mouth Blocking

Mouth Blocking – Body Language Cue

Have you ever noticed what a young child does after they tell a lie? They’ll often cover their mouth with their hands because their subconscious mind doesn’t like what they’re saying.

Mouth blocking is a body language cue that deserves some attention. People mouth block, whether they’re a young kid or an adult. Like most people, I will block my mouth when I’m embarrassed, when I’ve said something or revealed something that I didn’t want to reveal, when I lie, when you say something to me that makes me feel uncomfortable, or when I observe something that makes me feel uncomfortable. Mouth blocking often occurs in response to surprise, embarrassment, and lying.

The lip purse is a form of mouth blocking and is when the lips are drawn in so they disappear. “When I’m not comfortable with what I hear, my lips will disappear.”

Mouth Blocking Cues

Mouth blocking body language cues include lip pursing, covering your mouth with one or both hands, nail biting, and finger sucking.

Discomfort or Lying

Observe others and observe yourself. Look for mouth blocking because this body language cue often indicates discomfort and sometimes lying.

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