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Is someone lying if they look up and to the right?

Certified Body Language Trainer Monica Levin answers this question in this week’s Two-Minute Tuesday Video.

Is someone lying if they look up and to the right?

In order to be accurate in lie detection, you have to get a baseline. In other words, you have to notice what the person looks like when they’re telling the truth. To look for lies, you must look for clusters of red flags, which are deviations from their baseline.

When I retrieve information, I look up and to the right. You can see me do this in the video when I explained why I became a certified body language trainer. I must look up and to the right often because when I speak with people they sometimes look over their left shoulders to try to see what I’m looking at.

If you were getting a baseline on me, you would notice that I look up and to the right when I retrieve information (when I’m telling the truth). If I looked elsewhere before answering a question, it could be a red flag.


The statement “if someone looks up and to the right, then they are lying” is a misnomer.

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