First Impressions – How to Sit When Waiting For a New Customer

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First Impressions – How to Sit When Waiting For a New Customer

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Let’s talk about being seated and first impressions. Remember that first impressions are immediate and nonverbal – first impressions happen before you say a word! When I was a technical sales representative, I would find myself sitting or standing in a waiting room for a potential customer. I wanted to be sure that the first impression that I gave was one of confidence and power. If the waiting room chairs had arms, I would sit down with my bum all the way back in the chair, my chest up, my feet on the ground, and my arms resting loosely on the armrests. If the chair didn’t have armrests, I would opt to stand while waiting. I found it easier to stand than try to look confident in an armless chair.

Make a good first impression! Keep your body open and unblocked while you’re waiting for a new customer.

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