Corona Virus and the Handshake

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Corona Virus and the Handshake

Why do we shake people’s hands? Our hands are our trust indicators and the best way that we can show the other person’s subconscious mind that we’re not holding a weapon is to shake their hand. A vertical handshake shows equality and respect. If you don’t want to shake someone’s hand, you can still build trust and rapport with:

  • Appropriate gazing
  • Fronting
  • Using their name

Many people are in fear of the corona virus.

Corona Virus and the Handshake

Please read the other person’s body language to gauge their level of comfort with a handshake.

To get out of having to shake someone’s hand you can:

  • Present them with your business card that you hold with both hands
  • Keep your hands up while you greet them
  • Use humor “I want you to be safe and I haven’t washed my hands in 20 minutes”

Improve Your Immune System

You may already know that I’m also a Holistic Nutritionist so here’s my advice for improving your immune system – stop consuming sugar and alcohol. I also suggest that you reduce the amount of mucous in your body – stop consuming milk & milk products and corn & corn products.

Wash your hands often, don’t touch your face, and be safe!

Now what?

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