How to Look Competent In a Meeting

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How to Look Competent In a Meeting

Here are three nonverbal communication tips to help you look competent when you attend a meeting, assuming you’re already on time and prepared.

Carry Only One Item

If you enter the meeting room carrying multiple items, you will appear disorganized. You want to appear competent, so consolidate all of your items into one carrying case.

Adjust the Height of Your Seat

If the height of your seat can be adjusted, put yours at its maximum height if you are petite. You want to be tall enough to have your hands above the conference room table.

Avoid Using the Question Inflection

When your voice tone goes up at the end of a sentence, it sounds like you’re asking a question. When contributing in a meeting, keep the tone low at the end of a statement as this will give you more credibility and you will sound decisive and competent.

When You Host a Meeting

How about when you host a meeting? What can you do to make it a success? Watch these:

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