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Why You Feel Awkward with People Who Wear Masks

Why You Feel Awkward with People Who Wear Masks It’s not unusual to feel awkward when you’re talking with people who are wearing masks. Let’s review the different kinds of gazing so you can better understand your feelings and bring your unconscious biases into consciousness. Power Gazing High-powered people in business keep their gaze between […]

Science of Body Language

Body Language Videos My name is Monica Levin and I am a teacher. I love teaching groups and individuals nonverbal communication skills. If you stick with me, you’ll have the full range of skills, from the science of body language to the art of intuition. I invite you to learn about the science of body […]

The Facial Feedback Hypothesis

The Facial Feedback Hypothesis The facial feedback hypothesis says that in just 3/100th of a second our facial muscles imitate what we see and our feelings are connected to our facial expressions. In other words, not only does our emotion cause our facial expression, but our facial expression will cause our emotion. For example, if […]

Micro Expressions Under a Mask

Micro Expressions Under a Mask You can easily recognize six of the seven universal micro expressions even when people are wearing masks for COVID-19 safety! Fear Anger Disgust Surprise Contempt –  You will have to rely on other signals to recognize contempt. Sadness Happiness Watch the video to the end and see how you do. […]

The Eyebrow Raise

The Eyebrow Raise What does it mean when someone raises their eyebrows? It can mean recognition or engagement. The Eyebrow Raise and Engagement When I am in a conversation with someone, I’m always on the lookout for a topic that interests them. When I stumble across something that peaks their interest, I know it because […]

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