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When you learn how to connect with your intuition, you will be guided in all aspects of your life! You are never alone. Your intuition (Divine Mind, Angels, Guides, God) is the part of you that has answers to all of your questions. Let yourself be guided every minute of every day at work, when parenting, in your relationships, with your health, and when looking for a house – everywhere!

Intuition Training with Monica Levin.

Timeline of Love Meditation

This timeline of love meditation helps you to change the energy of the past, present, and future to the energy of love through the use of visualization, positive affirmations, and positive thoughts. Schedule a intuition coaching session with Monica Levin. Visit for more information. Purchase Monica’s book The Body-Soul Bridge. Timeline of Love Meditation […]

Mindfulness Retrieval Meditation

 Mindfulness Meditation | Retrieval Meditation Thoughts pass through our mind all the time and most of the thoughts are not ours. When we get caught in the thoughts, we sometimes leave our energy with the thought or the person or situation involved in the thought. This meditation is a way to collect all parts […]

Art of Intuition

Monica Levin teaches communication skills that range from the Science of Body Language and Nonverbal Communication to the Art of Divine Communication and Intuition. During the Global Pandemic During the 2020 global pandemic, Monica hosted free evening meditations called The Daily Dose of Love and a weekly event called Wisdom Wednesdays. Recordings of these sessions […]

2020-06-03 Daily Dose of Love

2020-06-03 Daily Dose of Love Here is a short guided meditation and then an oracle card message for the day. Today’s message:  Listen to and follow your Divine Guidance. Archangel Rafael tells you that he is with you and asks you to meditate in order to heal your physical body. Imagine that you are surrounded […]

Wisdom Wednesday 2020-06-03

Wisdom Wednesday 2020-06-03 This is a recording of a Facebook Live event, WISDOM WEDNESDAY with Intuition Trainer & Author Monica Levin, that began at 12:12 pm EST. Monica started with a short meditation and then used intuition tools to give selected participants intuitive readings. Date: June 3, 2020 “Like” Intuition Training with Monica Levin on […]

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