Art of Intuition

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Monica Levin teaches communication skills that range from the Science of Body Language and Nonverbal Communication to the Art of Divine Communication and Intuition.

During the Global Pandemic

During the 2020 global pandemic, Monica hosted free evening meditations called The Daily Dose of Love and a weekly event called Wisdom Wednesdays. Recordings of these sessions are available in the Nonverbal Science Library. Enjoy!

One-On-One Training

In addition to offering body language training, Monica offers one-on-one intuition training. More information can be found on

The Body-Soul Bridge

Monica Levin has been helping people regain their health and vitality since 1987 and has poured her knowledge, experience, heart, and soul into her book The Body-Soul Bridge. The book and journals are available here.

Intuition and Success

When you learn how to connect with your intuition, you will be guided in all aspects of your life! You are never alone. Your intuition (Divine Mind, Angels, Guides, God) is the part of you that has answers to all of your questions. Let yourself be guided every minute of every day at work, when parenting, in your relationships, with your health, and when looking for a house – everywhere!

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