Appreciation and Incivility

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Appreciation and Incivility

Cortina, et al, reviewed and synthesized articles for 15 years of incivility research and then posed novel questions with the hopes of nudging research in a new direction [1]. In their synopsis they state “Incivility refers to rude, condescending, and ostracizing acts that violate workplace norms of respect, but otherwise appear mundane. Organizations sometimes dismiss these routine slights and indignities— which lack overt malice—as inconsequential. However, science has shown that incivility is a real stressor with real consequences: though the conduct is subtle, the consequences are not.”

Dr. Paul White has written many articles on how to transform the workplace, including ones with incivility at their core [2]. The consequences of incivility can be severe; what action can you take?

Appreciation in the Workplace

You can make a difference in your workplace by learning how to express appreciation effectively! Authentic appreciation has been shown to reduce conflict and stress as well as improve employee productivity.

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[2] White, Paul, “How to Deal With Dysfunctional Colleagues and Not Go Crazy Yourself”, Two Ten Magazine, Issue 11/3rd quarter/2015.