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Happiness Leads to Success

Many scientific studies show that happy people are successful in many areas in their lives, including marriage, friendship, income, work performance, and health. Research by Lyubomirsky and King [1] show that happiness is associated with, and precedes, success. Unfortunately, you can’t always will yourself to be happy. Researchers McGuirk, et al, [2] determined that “over […]

Happiness and Steps for Living a Happy Life

Scientists once thought happiness was almost completely hereditary (innate) but they’ve discovered that it’s not! We can have control over our own emotional well-being. Happiness is Learned You can increase your level of happiness; happiness is under your control! Shawn Anchor outlines nine steps for living a happy life in The Happiness Advantage. I don’t […]

Six Things Great Leaders Do

Brendon Burchard is an admirable thought leader. During his talk How to Hire and Build High-Performance Teams, Brendon outlines his framework for leadership which he calls the 6 Es (published in his book The Student Leadership Guide). Envision Great leaders envision a compelling, different, and vibrant future. They have an alternative, clear view of what […]

Are You In Your Dream Job?

The book “Born for This: How to Find the Work You Were Meant to Do” by Chris Guillebeau is full of examples of people who have succeeded in finding the career that they love, including our very own Vanessa Van Edwards from the Science of People. You can find your dream job too! This inspiring […]