Category: Leadership

Cultural Differences in the Workplace

Erin Meyer is an expert at helping companies navigate their employees’ cultural differences. Erin explains how different cultures approach communicating, evaluating, persuading, leading, deciding, trusting, disagreeing, and scheduling in her book The Culture Map – Breaking through the invisible boundaries of global business. I grew up in a multi-cultural family and recognize that different cultures […]

A Good Manager

Google found that manager quality drives performance, retention, and happiness. In addition, manager quality is the single best predictor of whether employees stay or leave, which supports the adage that people don’t quit companies, they quit bad managers. What Does Being a Good Manager Entail? Google research showed eight common attributes that are shared by […]

Happiness and Steps for Living a Happy Life

Scientists once thought happiness was almost completely hereditary (innate) but they’ve discovered that it’s not! We can have control over our own emotional well-being. Happiness is Learned You can increase your level of happiness; happiness is under your control! Shawn Anchor outlines nine steps for living a happy life in The Happiness Advantage. I don’t […]

Ten Steps to Creating a High-Freedom Work Environment

Lately, I’ve been curious about how companies create creative environments that retain employees and keep profits high.  I just finished Work Rules! Insights from inside Google that will transform how you live and lead, by Laszlo Bock. Laszlo Bock shares what Google has done well and what Google has done poorly, in the hopes that […]

Six Things Great Leaders Do

Brendon Burchard is an admirable thought leader. During his talk How to Hire and Build High-Performance Teams, Brendon outlines his framework for leadership which he calls the 6 Es (published in his book The Student Leadership Guide). Envision Great leaders envision a compelling, different, and vibrant future. They have an alternative, clear view of what […]