Author: Monica Levin

The Perfect Handshake

When someone interacts with you in a positive way, your brain usually produces Oxytocin. Oxytocin is a chemical that is produced in the brain and connects us to others. It reduces stress, makes us more empathetic, and improves our immune systems. In general, we cannot create our own Oxytocin; we depend on interactions with others […]

Appreciation and Incivility

Cortina, et al, reviewed and synthesized articles for 15 years of incivility research and then posed novel questions with the hopes of nudging research in a new direction [1]. In their synopsis they state “Incivility refers to rude, condescending, and ostracizing acts that violate workplace norms of respect, but otherwise appear mundane. Organizations sometimes dismiss […]

Happiness Leads to Success

Many scientific studies show that happy people are successful in many areas in their lives, including marriage, friendship, income, work performance, and health. Research by Lyubomirsky and King [1] show that happiness is associated with, and precedes, success. Unfortunately, you can’t always will yourself to be happy. Researchers McGuirk, et al, [2] determined that “over […]

How to Handle Stress

Regardless of how many responsibilities you have, you must take care of yourself. How would anything get done if you got sick or incapacitated and weren’t able to do them? You need to be productive at work and at home while spending quality time with the people you care about.  Here are some suggestions on […]

Cultural Differences in the Workplace

Erin Meyer is an expert at helping companies navigate their employees’ cultural differences. Erin explains how different cultures approach communicating, evaluating, persuading, leading, deciding, trusting, disagreeing, and scheduling in her book The Culture Map – Breaking through the invisible boundaries of global business. I grew up in a multi-cultural family and recognize that different cultures […]

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